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5 reasons to Paddle Board

As a fair few of you may already know, I’m a regular paddle boarder and member of WeSUP right here in sunny Falmouth; I’m currently half way through my second season here so wanted to share with you all why exactly I love it, the benefits from the activity and why I think you should all give it a go! 

1. Community

Being part of WeSUP paddle board centre means I’m fortunate enough to paddle with one of the best communities around. Quite often we refer to ourselves as family but that’s because everybody really is! As I mentioned, I’m in my second season now so the same faces that I trained with and met last year are back, as well as loads of new friendly faces who are available to join each other on spontanious trips as well as all the WeSUP classes including a new footwork clinic, sup intervals, run & sup and sup & jump adventures! There’s a super important rule that we have at Gylly and that’s that no-one gets left behind - we paddle at group pace and we paddle as a community. 

2. Fitness

“How do you manage to stand up on those things?!” Is probably the first thought of a lot of people and most believe the strength in your legs and core will determine your success standing up but let me tell you now; paddle boarding will work out your whole entire body. Fact! Every paddle stroke you take will stem from your shoulders down your arms and around your obliques as you bend from the hip, then with entry, the pocket of water your paddle holds as you glide along will use your core and stability down through your quads right to your toes as you grip. Now, a correct paddle technique will be paramount to your fitness and effective paddling but with lessons from Sean and the team, you’ll be benefiting in NO time; I personally have noticed a difference in my stability, stamina and speed during my time on the water, so I’m sure literally anyone else can too!

3. Escapism

If you’re anything like me and enjoy a bit of escapism every now and then, whether it’s a secluded beach or a cliff top walk you’ll love a trip out on the water exploring the coast line on a paddle board too! It was only last week that Hayley (Stoves in Coves) and I took ourselves down to the deep South West of Cornwall, borrowed a couple boards from The Hoxton Special and launched ourselves off of Porthcurno to escape for a few hours. We may not have paddled far and it wasn’t exactly the most hot, clear and sunny day but with the right equipment and knowledge we were away! I do want to reiterate here that you should in no way be doing this on your own if you DO NOT have the experience or knowledge to go out alone - so this, along with fitness actually brings me nicely along to my next point…

4. Progression

Two friends that are responsibly for my paddle safety knowledge, improved fitness and progression are of course;

WeSup - My confidence and SUP ability would not be what it is now without Sean and his dedicated team of instructors (Hi Sophie, Fay, Ben & Ash!). As well as taking part in a refresher induction this year and a fair few excise classes, I recently passed my Safe Paddler Award with Sean that train’s the individual in reading weather charts, understanding the tides, currents and swell as well as ensuring we can complete all paddle strokes and are confident in rescuing and towing fellow paddlers IF they ever required it.

Paddle Logger - Dave has produced not only the perfect app to track your trips but has a beautiful line of clothing to accompany you out on your journeys too! Having the ability to observe my pace, trip time and distance has been super handy when watching my development and also for planning trips and reading the coast line! Whenever I head out alone, I always have a target I set myself, whether it’s reaching a destination in a set time or simply paddling in one direction for half an hour then heading back after so it’s great to track these and add to lists that I can refer back to later.

5. Fun!

Above all, paddle-boarding, its community and the trips I go on are fun! From my very first few lessons to navigating Porthcurno, taking Moka (pooch) out in Falmouth and all the adventures in between I’ve been creating memories and moments shared with so many amazing people that truly make the sport what it is. So thank you all for making a hobby I picked up last year, something I’ll be doing for the rest of my life! 

If I’ve inspired any of you to head out, do please let me know as I’d be more than happy to accompany you out around Falmouth :)



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