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Azura Bay

After our test shoot for Azura Bay back in February, Corinne and I were delighted to hear we’d been booked to then shoot some bikinis from their SS/16 range too! I knew we wanted bright tropical waters and I also knew just were to find them in Cornwall. With such a vast, varied coastline, we are honestly spoilt for choice down here but for this shoot Porthcurno provided all we needed and more. Setting off in the morning down to the very end of Kernow we were greeted by crystal waters, the most soft white sand and weather to die for. I’m pretty sure that this was the first time I myself was in a bikini while shooting too; and that’s something i’m definitely not complaining about.

Corinne and I absolutely adored the two swimsuits - not only did they look amazing and get a lot of compliments but throughout the day Corinne expressed how comfortable they were and how she was confident they’d ‘stay put’ whilst surfing (HUGE bonus for all surfers!). Both are available on Azura Bay’s shop but be quick as they’re proving to be incredibly popular!

Creative Space

A few weeks ago Olivia Bossert and I decided that we needed to take some time out, go exploring, cameras in hand and get a little creative! Having passed Cardinham Woods copious times I thought it would lend itself perfectly as our backdrop and for an all round explore and photo session.

There were a few images I had in mind that I wanted to capture while I was their but regardless I decided to lug a vintage suitcase with filled with props, outfits and cameras….all for fun!

We climbed up round one of the steepest tracks as we wanted to ensure the best ‘wood-y’ feel to our images…and these trees did NOT disappoint; I couldn’t help but feel like I was in Canada?! I’m honestly SO incredibly lucky AND grateful to live in Cornwall where we have such amazing diverse landscapes, seascapes and adorable little towns - I’ve not exactly travelled the world, but I’m sure I can’t be the only one that feels we have tastes and sprinklings of Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the Mediterranean on our doorstep? 

Back to the images…. Having said I’d be more creative with self portraits and imagery in general this year, I’ve found that if it’s not penciled in and ‘blocked off’, it doesn’t happen! Olivia & I decided to put a stop to this and so I finally got IN FRONT of the camera again for a simple portrait that i’ve already released to you all. Then it was Olivias turn ;)

I was so so happy with how these both worked out, but there was one more image I had in mind. This was a bit bigger than the others to create and would take a lot longer to edit but it was something that would challenge me and that’s exactly what this trip was for; Creative space, exploration, fun and a bit of a challenge. Again, i’m pretty happy with the result. 

We also decided to take advantage of the fact that we were both photographers and snap a couple portraits of each other while we were there too! It’s all very well taking self portraits, but sometimes it’s nice to have another professional capture some head-shots that you can use for web, social and professional profiles! Thanks again to Olivia, who managed to get a photo of me that I actually kinda of like! :)

As always, I grabbed a few behind the scenes images and polaroids too (of course!). More can be seen on my Instagram :)



Sarah & Brian

Sometimes in life you’ll meet people for the very first time and will feel like you’ve know them a lifetime. This Wedding, exactly that happened. 

Having all driven between 5-9 hours, Sarah & Brians’ family & friends set up base at The Green for the most beautiful wedding, nestled in the depths of Cornwall. As I arrived first thing, having never met anyone, I immediately bumped into the Bride and Grooms Mums, shortly followed by Sarahs’ sisters, their partners, copious amounts of other family, friends and LOTS of children; and i’m pretty sure I spoke to ALL of them. They were SO warm and welcoming it was like being reunited with long lost friends; even the children were comfortable enough to invite me on a woodland trek down through the grounds to the pond - and who was I to say no!

Once we’d rounded everyone up (when I say everyone, I mean the girls) between us, hair and make up were done, dresses were on and champagne had been toasted it was time to slip next door to the most amazing little barn were Brian and the wedding party patiently waited for the arrival of Sarah and her mini tribe of bridesmaids. Beautiful flowers, bunting and fairy lights hung across beams that surrounded the guests as the ceremony took place. After laughter, tears, ‘I do’s and cheers, the new Mr & Mrs Chamberlain could now finally continue their day as a married couple!

With grounds that stretched from the lower pond, woods, open lawns that passed the houses to the park, there was no way the guests wouldn’t be entertained - in fact, it was almost a struggle to keep up with everyone (again, I mean the children), but after group shots and their wedding breakfast I still managed to gather them ALL for a sneaky little photo which I know they’ll appreciate one day ;) 

As the evening drew in and the barn was all set it was time for the first dance; Sarah & Brian took to the stage were they were shortly joined by their girls and baby boy for one big family dance. With adults and children alike taking to the dance floor it was so sweet to watch how close this wedding party was. The laughter, games, dancing, relationships and love between everyone was incredibly heart warming. I know there were a few times were I just stood and absorbed it all as I looked on at this family that I’d suddenly felt so close to. 

Sarah & Brian, I want to thank you SO much for having me that day, it was such a pleasure to capture, surrounded by such lovely family and friends. The girls were amazing too and so I want to thank them also. Tell Millie, i’ve not forgotten my promise and her photos will be on the way soon :)

Here’s to a fun filled, healthy and happy future ahead for you all! I’ll see you when you’re next down in Kernow! Much Love x

Lydia & Jamie

Be prepared to meet the cutest couple EVER. I love all my wedding couples and spending the day with two people who are so head over the heels for each other obviously isn’t new, but my gosh, these two couldn’t even look at each other without smiling ear to ear - and it was a pleasure to see. True, honest and infectious.

Lydia & Jamie’s forever journey started at Budock Church where their friends and family gathered while awaiting the arrival of the beautiful Bride, her father, brother and bridesmaids. Lydia was then walked down the aisle arm in arm with her Dad who then had the all important job of handing over his daughter to Mr Day; her best friend, her soul mate, her support and her world. They made their vows and signed the official papers then left the church to be greeted by a surprise guest…..and I’m not sure about you, but I certainly wouldn’t turn down a visit from our family pooch! Best exit ever; and the surprise on Lydias’ face said it all.

Obligatory Falmouth sea front photos were up next and we were actually super lucky to not be greeted with a crazy busy beach! It’s always so nice to let the couple have a little moment together aside from their manic day to actually enjoy each others company alone for a bit; so that’s exactly what we did and I LOVE what we captured. A simple stroll through the beach and gardens with little instruction from me got them some great portraits before they headed up to meet their guests back at St Michaels Hotel.

After speeches and food in a beautifully decorated coastal themed room, the wedding party were then able to gather outside on the lawn; with sea views, live music, prosecco flowing and the sun setting behind the gardens, they really couldn’t have asked for more. 

All that was left was to capture their gorgeous first dance in front of their amazing bulb lit initials surrounded by friends and family and let them carry on partying into the evening.

These two could not have been a more perfect match and i’m so honoured to have been a part of their special day. Their strength, love and support was on another level, and I know how proud their parents were of them, especially the two who were looking down on them that day. 

Mr & Mrs Day, thank you for having me, I wish you a life of health and happiness as you carve your new path, together, forever. x

Emma & Matt

I first met Emma & Matt when they brought their gorgeous boy Albie to my house for a Newborn shoot and we instantly got on. Fast forward to Albie’s first Birthday and we met again for another family shoot. After a fun but windswept shoot we said our goodbyes and Emma turned to Matt to say “have you asked Lizzie about London?”; with my ears pricked up I was let into their MASSIVE surprise and was asked if I would shoot their London elopement - I OBVIOUSLY said yes!

Jumping forward almost another year I popped on the train first thing Wed morning from little ol’ Falmouth and headed off to the big smoke to meet Emma, Matt and now a nearly 2 year old Albie! The weather was glorious so once I’d found them in Piccadilly we then went for an evening stroll to Buckingham palace and back through St James Park. I know, the biggest tourist…but I was in my element!

The next day we all met at Kensington & Chelsea Town Hall were they made their vows witnessed by two Chelsea pensioners. With an exchange of their rings and official papers signed…that was it! The most short, sweet and to the point ceremony - and it was all they could have ever wanted. So with that they made an epic exit from the most gorgeous building where crowds stopped to cheer and take photos before we all set off for breakfast together!

Before I had to hop back on the train, we then spent the rest of the day sightseeing, chatting, laughing and capturing photos when and were possible. I’ve been to London a handful of times, but never had I seen the places we visited and ALL in just 24 hours! I honestly had the best time waltzing around with a family that have become friends for life. They completely welcomed me in from the word go, and were more than happy to have me join them for the whole of their unique and special wedding day in London. What also made me so happy about this elopement was the fact that they didn’t let the pressure of a ‘big wedding’ get to them. The focus was on them, Albie, and officially becoming a family. And that was all that mattered.

It’s fair to say this was a few days I’ll never forget.

I’m eternally grateful and thankful for meeting this adorable family.

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